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Mon Jul 14

Can Republicans own innovation?

New blog post: Can Republicans own innovation?

Never thought I would say this, but I actually like this piece from Grover Norquist on Reuters. His idea is that Republicans should use the sharing economy to take back the urban demographic from the Democrats. It’s worth reading.

It is not on the strength of the argument…

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Why are books still necessary in the digital age?

Why are books still necessary in the digital age?

I’ve been thinking recently about how it can be that books is still the essential platform for publishing and publicizing. It feels like an antiquated notion that it’s not until someone has published their thoughts or research in the book format that they have achieved…

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Wed Jun 25


These Forests Of Light Are Projected On Famous Buildings, And You’re In The Picture

Planned for the big United Nations climate conference in Paris next year, Naziha Mestaoui’s “forests of light” show is really two light shows in one. The first is the public show on the buildings and monuments, which will be made up of trees generated in 3-D. The second is the image of the show on mobile phones, augmented with “unique virtual trees” attuned to each viewer’s heartbeat.

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This looks awesome:

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Tue Jun 10

Visualizing 15 Years Of Acquisitions By Apple, Google, Yahoo, Amazon, And Facebook

Visualizing 15 Years Of Acquisitions By Apple, Google, Yahoo, Amazon, And Facebook


Great infographic on TechCrunch visualizing the acquisition trends of Apple, Amazon, Google, Yahoo and Facebook.

Originally posted on TechCrunch:

You grow old, you slow down, and you die. That is, unless you can inject some fresh blood. After watching the last generation of tech giants wither or stagnate, today’s juggernauts are relying on acquisitions to keep them young and relevant.…

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Tue Mar 25

Sports is politics

I’m not a sports fan by a long stretch, but I do find it sad that for each event recently, they just keep getting more and more political. Sochi, the most expensive games in history, were deeply corrupt and served as pure geopolitical PR (and then became just a warm-up for…

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Peak oil, peak banana and now: peak punctuation?!?

Peak oil, peak banana and now: peak punctuation?!?

I love Quartz/Atlantic a lot, but with today’s article on “peak punctuation”, it seems they’ve finally gone a bit overboard on their hyperbolic use of various things “peaking”.

A brief history of various things peaking:

It used to be just peak oil. Peak oil was a simple…

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Crimea meets Bloomberg: The future of nations and cities

Crimea meets Bloomberg: The future of nations and cities

Two very interesting trends lately that have been running in parallel, but that together could spell large changes in what we perceive as countries and where the nexuses of power will be in the future.

On one hand, we have the idea of the nation state coming into question.…

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Sun Mar 23

Music that drives creativity

Music that drives creativity

There was a fun article in Quartz by @adampasick recently on what music to listen to while at work. This piece was great in delving into what music does to the brain and how you should listen to different kinds of music for different tasks. The one issue I took with this…

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Mon Mar 10

Need for speed in Internet age

Need for speed in Internet age

So apparently we are now running so short on time that we can’t just read as usual anymore, but we need to “speed read”. This probably makes perfect sense in our sped-up world.

Since I’m always interested in finding new ways to take in information faster, I had a look at…

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Which will be the next big tech IPO?

Which will be the next big tech IPO?

Given the recent Whatsapp acquisition, with its (according to some) crazy valuation, and a recent FT article on crazy valuations of tech stocks, I thought it might be a good time to look at the upcoming batch of potential large tech IPOs, their most recent valuations, and…

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